Thursday, December 23, 2010

When your plate is full...

The correct course of action is, of course, to finish everything you are doing before taking on more.

BUT, Interweave Press put out a call for submissions for a project that excites me greatly!  And even though I know I've got a lot to do (see previous posts on this subject), I just cannot help but know I need to participate in this extra project.  I've even got the yarn for it.  6 balls of Noro Chunky that's been sitting in my stash since the summer waiting to tell me what it needs to be.  It decided it needs to be part of this project and I'm very excited about the prospect.

2011 will be the year of my complete breakdown into yarny-insanity.  You'll find me next Christmas curled up in my closet surrounded by piles of yarn, knitting furiously while whispering to myself  "One more row.  One more row."

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