Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The best of Christmas presents

My spinning wheel is in pieces on the guest room bed. 

I received the double treadle kit for my Ashford Traditional spinning wheel this Christmas.  It was wonderful and the wheel went together quite smoothly.  Until I got around to putting the hub pin in the wheel.  I used the old hub pin instead of the new one.  The old hub pin, being several millimeters smaller than the hold in the crank, allowed the crank to wiggle back and forth, which made the wheel a little clunky as it treadled.

The new hub pin is a much tighter fit, but requires the hole in the wheel to be made larger.  I need to work up the courage to make any permanent changes to my wheel.  I'm even scared to stain it in case the stain ruins it.  I doubt it would. 

What makes a better finish?  Waxing or staining?  And which wax or stain should I use??

So many questions. 

As a result, my spinning wheel is in pieces on the guest room bed while I sort out these very important issues.  I rather miss my spinning wheel.  However, it's absence is allowing me to focus a little more on the knitting.

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