Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Disclaimer:  I'm a serious geek at heart.  Comic book movies, sci-fi, fantasy...if there is a big lineup of fangeeks standing outside a theatre (and let's face it, fangeeks make up 90% of those lines...the non-geeks can't be bothered and go the weekend after opening weekend), I'm usually there.  

I generally have a rule against 3D movies.  Being practically blind (okay, an exaggeration, but I do wear coke-bottles), I have a difficult time with 3D movies.  I tend to see a halo around the images, or will see double, and the hard work of focusing on 3D tends to give me a migraine. For this one, I'll break my rule against 3D movies.  I will suck up the migraine that comes along with the 3D movies.  For this one, I'll be there, ticket in hand, lined up for however long I have to line up.  But I'll be writing to my theatre well in advance to request that they offer the 2D version, too.  They usually don't.

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