Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Knitting things you're supposed to be knitting...

I suppose I could also call this post "Not knitting things you're supposed to be knitting".  Or maybe I could call it "One too many things to knit."  How about "I knew this would all turn on me one day."

First, I'm having a blast with this whole new world of design.  I've just had a second pattern proposal accepted, and the yarn should be en route pretty soon.  I will almost certainly not get it before Christmas.  That's just as well, and leads me to my second point.

I have officially taken on one project too many!!  I ought to feel terribly guilty, because projects that should be done are not being done in favour of other projects which really need to be done.  I haven't knit on my mother's sweater all month.  Instead, I've been worried about another project deadline that's been rapidly approaching.  Now I have test knitters working on this other project for me (God bless free test knitters who knit for your because they love you).  But I still need to get the project itself finished so that I can photograph it for the pattern.  No one wants to knit a pictureless pattern.  How will you know what you are knitting?

In addition to the knitting, though, I've been playing with my loom.  See that pretty picture?  That's what I've been doing when I've been hiding from the knitting.  I need to stop doing that and get on with my knitting.  I desperately wanted to have my mother's sweater done for Christmas.  As it stands, I'm two sleeves away from finishing it, and since the sleeves are primarily tiny-gauge stockinette, that is NOT happening.  I love my mom, but she'll be really lucky to have this sweater for Mother's Day.  I have a February 15 deadline, a May-ish deadline, an August-ish deadline, and an October-ish deadline.  This is in addition to the new Men's sweater vest that I'm creating, which takes a certain amount of priority on account of it being a source of income for me.  I'm thinking that having the vest done for September-ish will be good.  My mom is pretty forgiving, but I know this isn't improving my reputation as the girl with her head in a million places at once who doesn't finish things.

So where is the one-project too many?  A set of dishclothes that I really want to weave for my mother in law because she asked for them last year and weaving is so relaxing when your knitting makes you crazy.  Maybe I can do two for her for Mother's day 2011.  They are just a weekend project.  But I just don't think I can handle having them done for Christmas.

Let's just forget about the spinning for now, and I'm officially dropping out of the Phat Fiber boxes.  I just have way too much on my plate to try keep my fingers in all the pies.

I'm starting to doubt my theory that knitting is good therapy for people with ADD.

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  1. You're awesomesauce. Love all the buzzing happening around your brain :)