Sunday, December 19, 2010

How does knitting sound like a frog?

They both go "rippit! rippit!"  (and that's why ripping back your work is called "Frogging").

So I have good news and bad news today.  The good news is that Canada Post apaprently makes deliveries on Sunday close to Christmas.  I came home to find a package on my doorstep containing 10 balls of gorgeous!! City Tweed DK yarn.  It's for a new design project that was accepted last week.  I'm frankly shocked at the speed with which it came.  I'm not casting on until after January 1, 2011, though.  I have GOT to get these other projects finished first.

And therein comes the bad news.  Have you ever had to rip back 100 rows of lace when you haven't used a lifeline?  I made a HUMONGOUS mistake in my mother's sweater roughly 100 rows back.  I noticed it in church (while the preacher was talking about a particularly sensitive topic) and almost started to cry right there.  I bit back the tears, put the knitting down, and somehow made it through the next 30 minutes without crying.

I have to fix it, though.  I've devoted this afternoon to ripping back to my mistake and fixing it.  My fingers are crossed that the mistake is only 100 rows back, and not more than that. 

I'm never knitting lace for anyone ever again.

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