Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's raining.  Not a little bit, either.  It is absolutely POURING!!  Buckets of water are being poured out from the clouds.

I don't know why, but I have the hardest time concentrating on things that need to be done when it's rainy like this.  I do have things to be done.  At the very least, I need to clean the bathrooms today.  Not all the bathrooms.  They all got cleaned on Friday.  But the ensuite that gets used everyday and the basement spa that gets used once a month both need to be scrubbed.  The tubs need to be cleaned.

And yet...it's raining and I cannot bring myself to do anything except sit in front of the computer in my fluffy fleece housecoat, drinking coffee, posting about how it is raining.  I want to knit.

The boatneck sweater is coming along like a dream.  It doesn't start as low on the shoulders as I wanted it to, but that just means it will look more awesome with long sleeves.  I'm thinking of putting it aside, and as soon as I get 1989 mailed off (just need one more picture of a bind off technique) submitting it as a concept to KnitPicks. That way, I can totally justify my knitters ADD and work on multiple projects at a time.

I'm still committed to only bring one on the cruise with me.  My mother's sweater.  I'm halfway up the left side.  I'm committed to finishing and blocking the left side before I leave and doing the bulk of the right side while I'm away.  I may also need to bring scrap yarn and spare needles, though.  I plan on teaching my friend how to knit so we can sit and knit together on the deck while our men are off eating themselves into food comas.  I'm kinda selfish like that.  If someone shows even the slightest hint of interest in knitting, I will do my utmost to convert them to a full knitter.

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