Friday, September 3, 2010

The sweater variable

I finished the back of the sweater last night.  With yarn to spare, I might add.  It's been wetblocked and is dry now.  This gives me a whole ball of yarn for the waistband and makes me very happy.

I will be completely finished the sweater no later than Monday.

In other news, the forecast is slowly improving for the weekend.  Rain, if it hits, will hit mostly this afternoon and overnight.  It just finished raining for a spell, so I'm feeling pretty hoepful.  Regardless, Sunday and Monday are promising to be quite nice.

Sadly, in getting ready to leave, I've rediscovered something about myself.  I am a terrible housekeeper.  There are so many little things to put away and get done before I go.  Like the dishes that have been drying in the sink since Monday.  I think I'll be rewashing those.

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