Sunday, September 12, 2010

The awesome purple sweater

I've been working on a sweater for a few weeks.  One that I haven't wanted to post photographs of, since it's a sweater pattern of my own creation, set to be published in the Knit Picks IDP

The sweater is a lovely reddy sort of purple, and it has turned out wonderfully.  I just need to bind off (again, since I bound off too tightly last night), and then it's ready for pictures.

I am a little sad that I won't have it to wear on my vacation in October.  I have to mail it off to Knit Picks headquarters for examination.  I don't expect to have it back in time.  They estimate 90 days before it is returned.  I leave for my cruise in 39 days.  WOOHOO!!!

Maybe I'll knit another copy of it to take with me?  No.  That would be a bad idea.  I still have to finish my mom's cardigan, knit a sweater for my nephew, and finish the gloves and scarf for another pattern creation project.  Not to mention the bags of yarn upstairs, all with patterns begging to be completed. 

No, I haven't got the time for more of this sweater.  Too many other things to knit.

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