Monday, September 6, 2010

How to enjoy camping in the rain

Back from the weekend camping trip.

As expected, it rained.  It rained harder and longer than anticipated, though, resulting in damp firewood and smoke that tended to get in my eyes while cooking.  In spite of that, I had way more fun than I think I have ever had camping before.  I think that may have actually been due in part to the rain.  But mostly, it had to do with the company.  We left as friends and came home as sisters.

3 of us got there fairly early (though later than expected on account of having to double back to the house to get my sunglasses, which I didn't need and which had been left at my friend's house anyway) to set up the tents.  2 of the girls did an AMAZING job stringing up tarps at an angle over the tents to allow the rain to drip off the back and bypass the tents entirely.  This helped keep the tents completely dry and rain free, giving us a haven in spite of the downpour on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, we hid inside the giant "party tent" that comfortably housed all 6 of us.  We hid and knit.  Most of us got a good bit of knitting accomplished.  Some of us forgot key elements of our knitting, such as yarn and needles, and ended up doing the complicated lacework that was grabbed at the last minute out the door as a backup project.  On the upside, I got several inches of that complicated lacework done, and so I am quite happy.  The laploom ended up being too complicated to hold on a campchair, so while I managed to wind the shuttle, I only got about an inch woven before I gave up in frustration.

Next time, someone else should do the food shopping.  I do tend to go overboard on food planning.  So, while we ate very well on the weekend, we also had enough food to feed a small army and quite a lot of leftovers.

H, bless him, has gone out to pick dinner up for me while I sit and recover from my vacation.


  1. When you have to recover from a vacation, that means it was an awesome vacation :3 So, definitely, next year!

    Also: thanks you for getting me smashed and making me talk. I think I really needed it <3

  2. You need the merit badge of Awesome Camp Cooking! So much fun :)

  3. Just found your blog and glad it was this post. Great to hear the trip went well, although I'm sad your sweater got forgotten!

    -GerberaGirl (smileyfaces)