Sunday, February 20, 2011

On maternity pants, weight gain, and a need for test knitters

First, I started my official Mousewife Knits fan group over on Ravelry.  If you're a member, check it out.  If you're not a member, but you're a knitter, you should become a member and totally check it out! 

Second, I am placing a call for test knitters for two fairly simple patterns.  When I say simple, I mean they are really very easy knits.  One of them is literally a 2 hour project.  It's super cute, too.  I'm providing yarn support to one knitter who can help me tech edit.  But if I can find a knitter who will tech edit for free (ie, no yarn support), that would be even better.  Still, I feel just a tad guilty asking for that, since it's quite a lot of work to tech-edit.

On a completely non-knitting-related note, I let out a deep sigh and eased my way into maternity pants this week.  It was so very nice to wear something other than yoga pants.  A dear friend of mine gave me a basket full of maternity wear that she was given, which never fit her (she's a LOT smaller than I am).  It fit me nicely, so I've taken to wearing it a bit.  I felt all awkward and elephant-ish when my little sister started making fun of me for it.  :(  But my mom reassured me that she was always in maternity clothes early.  It's just a factor of my general shape and size.  I've got a cute little 9-week bump that kinda just looks like fat, but is kinda firm and not fat. 

I would have felt worse, but I've actually lost 5 pounds since getting pregnant.  That's most likely due to the food aversions and nausea that have led me to a diet of fruit and veggies for the last few weeks. this rate, I'll be back down to my pre-wedding weight by the time the baby comes.  ;) 
No...I won't.  I know I'll start gaining eventually.  But maybe it won't be very much, and maybe I'll end up slimmer after giving birth.  It happens, you know.  It's happened to at least one friend.  She gave birth and then went down to a lower weight than she was pre-pregnancy. 

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  1. I lost a tonne of weight after giving birth, I think due to breastfeeding. By the time my son was a year old, I was two jeans sizes smaller than I had been pre-pregnancy!