Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny little happenstances

I'm working on the second part of my joint project with Canary Knits.

We're designing something together, but had only talked about the what, not the how.  We each went our separate ways after our last design meeting and set about to design our complementary projects.  Then we got together again on Tuesday evening at our knitting group to show each other what we'd come up with.

In a week, on our own, without any communication, we picked the exact same stitch to feature on our projects.   I suppose you could say "great minds think alike."

The colours coordinate beautifully, and of course the general theme works together, since we'd discussed that.  But I love when the littlest details work out by chance.


  1. Oh, that's exciting. We're all waiting patiently for your joint design to appear. :)