Monday, August 23, 2010

A new knitting blog...the official first entry

Because there aren't enough knitting blogs out there, I've decided to start my own.  I need a spot (besides facebook) to ramble on about my current knitting and spinning projects.  I don't think my facebook friends care much about my knitting...except for my facebook friends who are also knitters.

That leaves me with the I bother uploading my blog to my facebook notes so I can continue to bore my non-knitting friends with random ramblings on yarn?

I used to blog back in university.  Random ramblings about boys, grades, work, and projects.  That old blog still exists somewhere in cyber space, but as hard as I've tried in recent years, I don't seem able to resurrect it and devote it to knitting.  So it lies dormant and locked up.  Kinda like an old diary (that you don't mind the whole world reading).  And here's the shiny new blog, devoted to all things knitting and spinning.

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