Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Run, run away

So, this has nothing to do with knitting at all, but that's okay. 

About 3 weeks ago, the Husband (henceforth "H") and I had some friends over.  I was talking with one of H's friends, who recently started running.  It seemed to be working so well for him that I was inspired to start running again.  I hadn't done it since high school.

So about 2 weeks ago, I started running.  I noticed almost right away that if I'm going to be running, I am going to need a running partner to keep me motivated.  I always have great intentions for doing things, but fall off the wagon when they stop being fun or start being hard work (the afghan I've been "working on" since I got engaged 6 years ago has been sitting nearly untouched since I got married 5 years ago).

I ran 3 times the first week, and twice last week.  And today, I went running with one of my friends.  I was shocked to learn that I'd run 3.6K!  That makes me feel amazing!  My goal is to be doing 5K in one month, and I'm hoping for 10K by the spring.  I'll need to find an indoor track for the winter.


  1. That's awesome! You be running marahon's in no time! That is one of my life goals although I wouldn't be able to run 1km right now! Good job Hannah! :)

  2. So awesome! I know you can do it :)