Monday, August 23, 2010

Questions about yarn and my sanity

Now that the official first entry is out of the way, let's get down to yarny business.

I have mixed feelings about my tendency to bypass common sense in order to make money.  I just sold two things that are very precious to me, and while the coin is nice, now that they are sold, I'm not sure I ever really wanted to let them go.

Thing #1: 4 skeins of very pretty Noro Silk Garden.  I got these at the super-awesome annual LYS tent sale.  They were $3 per skein.  I put them up in my Ravelry stash.  Just my regular stash, mind you, not my "will trade/sell" stash.  Within an hour or so, I got an offer to buy them.  And I saw the dollar signs and sold them for double what I paid, but still half of what they are worth.  And now that the transaction is done, a little part of me is sad.  I know I shouldn't be, though.  We both got a good deal.

Thing #2: My very first spinning wheel.  I bought a new spinning wheel back in May.  The agreement was, if I sold my first spinning wheel, I could have a newer, better, more spinning-wheel-looking spinning wheel.  So I put the first wheel up for sale when I found the new wheel I wanted.  The new wheel is quite nice, and the old wheel wouldn't sell.  I got lots of offers, but they were empty offers and they all fell through.  I found an amazing deal on an electric spinning wheel, so I bought that one, oiled it up and checked it out, then promptly resold it for a pretty penny.  The profit on that covered both my wheels (twice over), so I decided I didn't care if the first wheel ever sold.
Then, randomly, today I got an email asking if the wheel was still for sale, I said yes, she asked for the paypal address, and BOOM!  Sold.
And now that it's sold, I realize just how much I actually use BOTH wheels.  I use one for spinning and the older one is an incredible plying wheel.  And alas, now it's someone else's incredible plying wheel.

One of these days, my desire to make a little extra cash is going to get me into serious trouble.  I might end up accidentally selling something I actually really do need, like my car or my husband.  ;)

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