Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New yarn

So I just finished my latest handspun.  I was aiming for a nice thick single, with a weight and feel similar to malabrigo.

I swapped with an online pal for some lovely roving a while ago.  It was a blend of cria alpaca, soft lambswool and silk, and was heavenly soft.  It was the sort of roving that you want to spin into a nice thick single, which is exactly what I did, and got the most heavenly soft yarn out of the deal.  The colour just turned out amazing, and reminds me so much of one of my dear knitting friends, that I have to name it after her.

This is the yarn I have called "Teresa".  There are 2 skeins, weighing about 60g each, with approximately 58yards per skein.  It's a lovely vintage shade of orange, yellow and purple.  Exactly the sorts of colours my friend likes best. 

I've got two skeins of this and haven't quite decided if I can bear to sell it or not. 

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