Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winter mittens!

We are supposed to be getting snow on Sunday.  Right now, the forecast is calling for "wet snow".  It has been glove and mitten temperature lately.  I have a pair of knit mitts for me, but Mouselette is lacking in the mitt department.

I think I need to get a pair cast on pronto.

I got an amazing deal on kids clothes yesterday.  There is a thrift store right next to my daughter's preschool, so I pop in frequently (too frequently, to be honest). I walked past yesterday and spotted a 50% off kids clothing sale. In I went to refill the ever-growing child's winter wardrobe (she may be petite over all, but she has monkey limbs like me, so she needs a full size above her age just to fit those long lanky legs and monkey arms of hers).  Among other things, I found a snowsuit for her for a mere $3.50!!  It has a tiny rip in the crotch, but nothing a needle and thread won't fix.  And for $3.50, I think I can deal with a tiny rip.

I also bought her a pair of winter mitts - the thermal kind.  Got them home and realized... Toooooo small!  So now, I think I need to get a pair of thrummed mitts knit up for Mouselette.  I have never actually knit thrummed mitts before.  I have plenty of awesome roving for thrums, but it is a new endeavour for me.

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