Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to November!

Halloween is done.

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of frost everywhere. Halfway through breakfast, it started to snow.  Mouselette was absolutely delighted and ran to the window shrieking about the snow and snowmen and Christmas (already?)

I am not done her new mittens yet.  I need to really get on that.  I have a thumb to finish on one mitt and then the second mitt to do.  I will be attempting to finish them tonight.

Last night was fun.  Halloween is always a little fun.  Despite the Facebook drinking game challenge regarding how many Elsas to expect, I had only one Elsa at my door last not. One Anna, too.  Lots and lots of Ninja Turtles, a Tenth Dr (complete with awesome tweed coat and red bow tie), loads of superheroes (girls and boys), lady bugs, policemen, firefighters, etc.  Very few princesses, though.  I think it was too cold for princesses.  It was pretty cold last night.  And rainy.  It is always cold and rainy.  This is the third Halloween in a row that it has been cold and rainy.

Mousehusband braved the cold and rain with Mouselette for over an hour while I stayed home and handed out candy.  I got some awesome knitting time in.  Plus, since I got the whole house vacuumed and floors washed yesterday afternoon, I have extra knitting time today.

My favourite pumpkin of the year was carved by one of my knitting friends:
Yarn barf!  Truly terrifying!  (I hate yarn barf... It is the bane of my existence.)

I woke up to an email from usps letting me know that my new (to me) tri loom is sitting on the other side of the border in New York.  It is my experience that once a package is processed there, it is about 3 more business days until it reaches me.  It's got to clear customs, get up to the main sorting facility, then make it on to the truck to get to me.  I am counting on seeing it by Wednesday afternoon or Thirsday.  For sure I will have it by Friday.  I am pretty excited.  I have a first project all planned out.  Haven't decided 100% on the yarn yet, but I am pretty sure I know which yarn I want to use.

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