Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happier notes

I promised a happier post yesterday, so here it is.

Let's start with last weekend.  RHINEBECK!!!

Last weekend, I went to Rhinebeck for the first time ever.  I went with one of my very good friends from the knitting group.  We drove there and back and stayed at a pretty decent hotel while there.  One of the best parts of the hotel?  The fact that it was FULL of knitters.  Gotta love that!  I loved coming down for breakfast and seeing all the knitters hanging out in the dining room with their assorted projects.  

Rhinebeck itself was prett much amazing.  There were some very amazing deals, not to mention a beautiful assortment of hand knits everywhere you looked, from sweaters to shawls to socks... All the knitters had something to show off.

So what next?
It is almost Halloween.  I have never really gotten into the festivities of Halloween before.  I mean, we take Mouselette out trick or treating, and last year she painted a wooden pumpkin, but that is usually it.  This year, we went to a Pumpkinfest at the park.  They had pony rides (Mouselette totally squealed with excitement), a bouncy castle, free pumpkins, food, and so much fun.

Mouselette and I carved a pumpkin this afternoon.  Or, more accurately, Mouselette drew the picture, then Mousehusband kept her entertained while I did the sharp knife part.

This is the result.  The pumpkin seeds are roasting now.

Oh, and Christmas knitting has begun.  A super secret project for the knit night Christmas exchange, a super secret project for Mousehusband, socks for Mouselette (at her request... She is a fan of handknit socks), and a pair of socks for my brother in law, whose name I drew for the family Christmas exchange.

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