Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little weavings

I have started a new weaving project.  It's an idea I had a while ago to use up leftover handspun scraps.  I've got a few 1/4 bobbins of little leftovers that didn't make it into one yarn or another.  Little samples that got spun on my drop spindles.  Half finished yarns on my drop spindles.  Just singles all over the place that need to be used.

So I've tied on a 6.5ft warp, filled the loom up almost as full as she will go wide (it took forever to tie on all those little ends) and set to work. 

The warp is a laceweight boucle acrylic/wool blend.  It's quite lovely and soft, but mostly acrylic.  The weft will be everything from silk to linen to wool to bison!!  The first two stripes are linen/cotton (white) and wool/silk (purple).  There will be green, blue, pink, red, yellow, and everything in between.  I am excited about the finished product.  If it looks especially nice, I might not keep it as a shawl.  I might do two 3ft lengths and whipstitch them together as a baby blanket for Incubating Mouselet.

Speaking of spite of my numerous deadlines and more serious knitting to be done, I have started and half finished her little Homecoming outfit.   :)  The leggings are beyond adorable.  I took an idea from a vintage mag and did pantlets with closed toes.  Heartmelting!!

The dress is stockinette to the waist(-ish...babies don't really have "waists"), and then it will flare out in some cute little lace.  I'm still looking for the perfect stitch. 

I'll just need a bonnet and some little mitties and she'll be the belle of the ball...and the apple of her daddy's eye.

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