Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greensleeves is all my joy

Some time ago...some time last year, in fact, I obtained a small rigid heddle lap loom in an online swap.  It was a lovely little loom that was part of my general fibre arts collection for a while and I loved it.  I made a few scarves on it, but it mostly sat and looked pretty.

I recently swapped it away when someone else on Ravelry was looking for one.  She offered me a spindle for it.

Truthfully, I am more of a spinner than a weaver (though I do enjoy weaving), and find myself strangely addicted to spindles.  I don't quite understand the addiction, but I have several spindles of different sizes, weights, and varieties.  I let her surprise me with the one she was most able to part with, and she parted with a Greensleeves McKenna Lee (ganked picture to the right).

I am in love!  She's the prettiest spindle I own by far.  She spins such fine, beautiful lace, and takes my breath away while she does.  There's almost no effort involved in spinning on her.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the superfine sample of yarn I am spinning.  And I don't know why I put yarn immediate on every spindle that comes into the results in every single of the 7 or 8 spindles I own currently being used.

Also, I feel a little bad.  I definitely feel like I got the better end of the deal.  It's just such a beautiful little spindle!!  And while the loom is/was a very pretty and useful little loom, I think the spindle is just far nicer.

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