Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GSD: continued progress.

I am continuing my rampage of cleaning and organizing All The Things!  I moved my spinning stash away from my yarn to separate the bigger task into two more manageable units.
I've been taking pictures of the progress, but in all honesty, it looks less like progress and more like moving piles around as I try sort through what I have.  And man, I have a lot!  I found a 3oz bag of angora, a 4 oz bag of huacaya, a bag of I-don't-know softness (BFL or merino... It is insanely soft).

While digging up long lost buried treasures of softness, I have been practicing my lace spinning.  It's been amazing.  I adore the Little Gem.

That dark thread on the left is regular old sewing thread.  The thread on the right is a handcarded angora/silk blend.  
At first, I planned on plying it with some llama roving that I had, but the result was slightly scratchier than I would like to wear around my neck.  So, when I found the Huacaya alpaca locks, I started spinning those up into a matching lace. 
It's hard to see the thinness of the yarn without a comparison, but it is actually slightly thinner than the angora.  I am going to spin the entire bag of each and ply them, and then ply whatever is left of the alpaca (there's more of that than of the angora) back on itself.

In the meantime, Mouselette has taken to spinning with ease.
This is her first handspun.  She did the single herself.  I wrapped it into an Andean plying loop and plied it for her.  She has asked me to knit it into a blanket,  which I would... If there were more than 11ft. 😉

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