Sunday, February 7, 2016

Keep it simple. More simple. More...

I had a moment the other night when I looked around and started to feel down about how much I had and had not accomplished last week.
I did take down the Christmas tree.  I did not vacuum.  
I did clean the bathrooms (thoroughly).  I did not wash the floors.
I did clean the kitchen.  The dining room is still a horrifying mess.
And as I looked around and took stock, I began to realize something.  There is always more to do. Sometimes, the more progress you ACTUALLY make, the less it looks like you have made any.

I am not, by nature, an organized person.  I am not good at setting priorities and sticking to them.  When I start on one path, it is very hard to divert my attention to other things that need tending.

On that note, though, I did take my Christmas tree down.  And that's pretty awesome.  I did clean the bathrooms, and that feels good.  My kitchen was tidy for almost 24 full hours.  That's almost a personal best.

Elaine (my Traddy wheel) sold and is being picked up tomorrow (Monday).  Her accessories sold and are being mailed tomorrow (Monday).  So that is one less thing that is taking up space.
4 boxes of fiber have been almost compacted into 2.  My 3 large bag of wool scraps is being processed into wool batts and rolags.
Became this:
Which became this:

Self doubt told me that I was wasting my time on the things I love instead of the necessary tasks.  And reality reminded me that this week was a particularly rough Migraine week.  And the above is necessary.  Turning a big bag of scraps into a skein of useable yarn might be the fun side of necessary, but it is still necessary for compacting my life into a more manageable state.
A skein of yarn takes roughly 1/4 or less the amount of space that a bag of wool scraps takes.  And that's not nothing.

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  1. That sounds like excellent work to me, it is important to recognise the wins even when you feel they are small (and that yarn looks like a pretty awesome win to me)