Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thin threads

I finished this yarn the other night.  It is one of my finest so far.  I am trying to learn how to spin gossamer threads.  I don't know why, really, as I don't actually knit with super fine lace.  Maybe I will, though, if I can get my threads thin enough.
A commercial laceweight is usually around 400-440yds to 50g. This skein measures 484yds and is 66g.  If I did my math right (and never count on me to do math right), that works out to something like 3326 yards per pound.  According to charts, that is definitely a laceweight yarn right there.  It's not quite as fine as a commercial laceweight, coming in at roughly 386yds to 50g, but it is definitely a laceweight.

A gossamer yarn is about 6000yds to a pound.  It's about 3-5strands in a single.  I'm not sure either my or my wheel can handle that just yet.  But I'll keep trying.

On a separate note, I haven't posted my cotton tutorial yet on account of either YouTube or my computer being dumb.  The video uploads, but the conversion process keeps failing and I keep having to delete and start over.  I got frustrated enough that I chose to walk away.  Then it was March break, and NOTHING was happening over March break, except the Mouselette asking me a few times if I can please buy her a spinning wheel of her own.

Yes.  Absolutely.  If I can find one that's the right size for under $100.  And since I probably can't, the answer remains a sad little no for now.  I will buy her a bobbin of her own, though.  I think a bright pink akerworks one or something like that.

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