Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I want to learn: Nålbinding I don't think I'll be able to convince H that I need another hobby, but I've been reading a lot about nålbinding just lately.  I first came across the term about a year and a bit ago.  It seemed like an interesting, if somewhat confusing concept.

I figured the only way to really understand the process would be to actually try it.  Which I did.  Because, you know...I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head.

It has been described by some people as being like single-needle knitting.  I find it to be an interesting cross between knitting and crochet.  It's not hard to see how this craft might have evolved into either and is certainly older than both.

The project in the picture is my second row of what should be a cowl when I'm done.  It's actually pretty difficult to find written patterns for nalbinding.  There are some good resources on different stitches, but very little on how to work these stitches together into projects.  So I'm sort of winging it. 

This first project uses the "Oslo" stitch, which seems to be the recommended beginner stitch.  All projects seem to be worked in the round, and I cannot find any information on how to work back and forth...although I did find a reference to turning a sock heel by working back and forth, so I know it must be possible.

Although all the resources say to take care not to twist your work when you join, I did give the starting row a half twist when I joined to create a mobius cowl.  I'm not sure if the project is actually big enough for a mobius, but I guess I'll find  out in another few rows.

I will say does seem to be a little more difficult to screw up nalbinding than it is to screw up knitting.  Adn the learning curve is a little less steep.

I like it.

Now I just need to get myself a proper nadel (nalbinding needle).  I'm using a blunt carpet needle for now, and while it works, I'd like to have the right tool for the job.  I kinda feel like I'm doing the equivalent of knitting with chopsticks. 


  1. Awesome! You'd be very welcome to join us over on the nalbinding ravelry group!