Friday, July 8, 2011

A random, utterly non-knitting thread

It's 5:30pm and I need to make dinner.  The problem is, I don't know what to make for dinner.  I never know what to make for dinner anymore because we never have anything dinnerish that I want to eat in the house.

I feel like making roasted potatoes.  But we are all out of potatoes.  Then I thought a wrap would be nice, since we have some leftover lettuce.  But we have no wraps.  Burgers would be great, but we have no buns.  Hotdogs would be okay, but we have no buns.

I want roasted potatoes so bad that my nose is imagining it can smell them.  But we are completely out of potatoes.  Completely out.

I don't feel like making chicken, since I really don't like chicken at the moment (and have not liked it much since January).  We have no french fries.  I've made pasta the last 3 meals In A Row!!  So I am refusing to make pasta tonight on principle.  Although, I could make a lasagna and I don't think that would necessarily count as pasta.  But lasagna is never really good without garlic bread, and I have no bread in the house.

I could do soup, but H and I don't like the same kinds of soup and I don't feel like making two different meals.  I could do pizza, but the last time I ate pizza I ended up with a gallstone attack that lasted nearly 3 hours in spite of taking my medication promptly.

So here I am at 5:30pm trying to come up with an idea for dinner and failing.  Mostly, I think, because I really want roasted potatoes.  But we have no potatoes.

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