Thursday, November 25, 2010

Colouring in the spaces

Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity.  Somewhere in my head came a little voice, whispering at me..."It's high time you learn intarsia.  Wouldn't a gentleman's argyle vest be a lovely idea?"

So, I've decided to learn intarsia and  design a lovely gentleman's vest.  I'm swatching right now, even though I've got a glove pattern and a shrug pattern due next Wednesday.  Next Wednesday is still a month away (after all, next Wednesday isn't until December), so I pulled out those yarn bobbins that have been watching me since July and I wound them with my choice of colours.

And while I might technically be procrastinating on things that really need to get done (like dishes and organizing my wool stash), who says my house is a mess?  Cleaning is over-rated.  Knitting is good.

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