Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shop update

I finally got around to taking a whole load of photographs today.  As a result, I finally got around to updating my shop.

I've got some really delicious goodies in there.  Including, but not limited to one of the full sized batts from my October samplers.  Stardust
These beautiful batts, inspired by the book (and movie) of the same name conjure images of other worlds, magic, airships, swordfights, princesses, and maybe a captain or two prancing around his quarters in a tutu (I hear they're very comfortable).

Silk and wool.  They are super soft.  I'm tempted to spin them myself, but that's not really the point of being a business woman, is it.  Besides, every spindle I currently own (plus 3 of my 4 bobbins) is currently laden with wool.  I've got no room to start spinning anything else.

On a side note, H came home from work and asked me by way of polite conversation what I did today.  I stumbled for a few minutes as I kinda sounds to an outsider like I did nothing.  I mean, I knit for a bit (I multitasked and did that while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer), then I skeined some recycled yarn for dying (also while watching Buffy).  Took a break and a walk (in the rain) to make a hair appointment (why does it cost so darned much to do a woman's hair??).  Then I spun for a bit while watching a little more Buffy.

So...what I did manage to get done today was approximately 4 hours of Buffy (oops), 30 minutes of Sims 3, a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves, frogging my knit fingerless gloves, the dishes (yay!!!), photographing aaaaalll my new inventory.  Yeah...I had a productive day.  I'm tired just writing it all down.

I've got a scarf on the loom right now, too, that I need to get down asap.  I should have done that today instead.

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