Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time flies

Time flies when you're having fun.  Turns out the old adage is true.  I haven't purposefully neglected my blog.  I've just been awfully busy.  My life is a neverending pile of laundry.  I keep meaning to vacuum.  I could be doing that now, but my poor neglected blog needs an update.

First, updates in the world of knitting...
I've been pretty busy.  Mostly, I've been catching up on some "me" knitting.  In February, I picked up some wool to spin and knit a pair of longies for the Mouselette.  They turned out well.  Unfortunately, the problem with only having a set amount of wool to spin is that sometimes you end up with insufficient yardage.  That was the case with the longies and I had to finish the cuffs in a coordinating yarn.  Still, they turned out quite nicely. 

I also knit myself up a pair of fingerless mitts.  I revisited my old "Fancy That!" pattern and discovered that it is actually a pretty decent knit.  I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.  The yarn was a bit thicker this time around, so they are a little looser than I'd like, but they make very comfy driving mitts.

I'm still plodding away at a certain sweater I promised my mother.  I had gotten to a decent point on the last version, but when I started the sleeves, I realized that I hated it too much to finish.  So like any self-respecting knitter, I tossed the whole thing in the closet and started over.  I'm nearly done the new version.  It needs another 3" on the body and then the sleeves and then I'm done.  It's actually quite a bit lovelier than the original version.  It's more understated and classy.  I can't post a picture yet, though, as I'm just not done enough.

In the world of patterns, I'm still working away at several projects and enjoying them immensely.  I think I will put the soaker pattern on paper, as it came out of my own head.  I think I will make it free, just as a reward for cloth diapering.  Not that I think using disposables is bad, it's just that using cloth is a COMMITMENT (especially once your kid starts solids) and that kind of commitment deserves a reward.  In my opinion.

Now on to the other half of my life: Mouselette.
There's not much to say that the picture doesn't communicate.  The bonnet just kills me.  I love it.  I picked it up when she was a few weeks old and it's just fitting her now.  It's going to be perfect for the summer.

She's not crawling yet, but I'm fully expecting to turn around one day and see her halfway across the room.  That stance is just full of crawly anticipation!

That's it for the update for now.  I think it would be easier to update if my life was less two-dimensional.  ;)  I'm sure I'll have another update in a month or so.  ...after the Knitters Frolic in April, for sure!!


  1. oh my, she is so adorable

    did you see my message on HP
    my email is

    love SuzanneinAustralia

  2. Great pic! Feels like forever since I've seen you and the mouselette. Glad you skipped vacuuming to blog :)