Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy baby, no time to knit

It's incredible how much time a small child takes.  She's generally a very easygoing kid, but she still requires so much time and attention that I've sadly been neglecting my knitting.

However, I've managed to get a few things done.  First and foremost is the last edition of Little Seasonals.  It's available on Lulu now.

I am extremely proud of this one.  The patterns inside are really something!  There are two cowls, a pair of mitts, and a pair of gloves.  I had fun designing the gloves.  They are a 3-in-1 design with a plain glove and a handwarmer that can be worn over the glove or alone.

Teresa designed a wraparound cowl with a button (it's pretty and I want to knit it for myself).  My cowl slips over the head and is a complicated-looking but actually very simple braided cable design.

We are talking about possibly putting the four books together and creating a special edition offering all sixteen patterns at once.

Also, Lulu now offers epub conversion so an ebook can be offered in the iBookstore and on the Barnes and Noble website.  I am now in the (probably slow) process of modifying the original books to match their specifications for conversion.

In other news, Little Knit is teething.  She is 4 months old on Saturday.  That's making my mind boggle a little.  On the one hand, it's already four months??  And on the's ONLY been four months??  It's going so fast and so slow all at the same time.

And in final news...we have no hot water.  That sucks!

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  1. so sweet to read your update and about little knit and how much time she is taking and 4 months already - how wonderful

    would love to hear more
    Hannah's Prayer