Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super quick cloth trainers

So this post has nothing to do with knitting - at all.  This is the post that pretty much confirms I've ventured into Mommy-blogging.  ;)
Maybe admitting my own tendency to talk about nothing but mommyhood and my own kid will now give me the freedom to blog more.  After all, let's face it, one tends to get very little knitting and spinning done with a very active toddler underfoot. 

The Mouselette is sort of potty training right now.  She was way into it a few months ago, right around the one year mark.  Not long after, she flat out quit.  She would clench her legs and literally vibrate with the effort of not peeing, then I'd turn my back, she'd stand up and pee beside the potty.  So we quit.  We started up again a few weeks ago, she was into it for a week, then quit on me again.  Then she decided she doesn't like having her diaper changed.  I figured out quickly that it's the whole interrupting-playtime thing that she doesn't like.  So we switched to pullups.  Problem - pullups (both cloth and disposable) are sooooo expensive.  But they are way easier to use right now.  Grab the little bum, whip off the wet diaper and whip on a dry one.  We can do a full (wet) diaper change in about 30 seconds. 

Last week, I was in the dollarstore and saw that they had little packages of little girl panties.  The smallest size they had was 4/5, but that worked!  I grabbed a pack to see if I could make them into pullups.  This was the result!  Please share it with your friends.  A 5 pack of panties was $1.50.  Bias tape is $2, elastic is $1.  That means for as little as $6 (counting for 2 packs of bias tape - only one pack of elastic was needed), you can make 5 pairs of pullup trainers.  The best part is how you can make them fit even the tiniest bums.  Most pullups (both cloth and disposable) are too big on Mouselette's tiny little bum.

I'll wait until tomorrow(ish) to post about my lovely new spinning wheel.  ;)  Yes... I got a second spinning wheel.  She's freaking adorable!!!!!  <3

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