Monday, December 17, 2012

The New Mousewife store

I've been off on a rather long hiatus.  I cannot promise to update my blog more than sporatically, but I do hope to update a little more often than I have been doing lately (which is to say, more than not at all).

I've been up to a lot just lately.  Most of my attention has been focused on the rapidly growing little Mouselette.  I can hardly believe how big she has gotten.

But aside from my life revolving around motherhood, I've been very busy designing, submitting, accepting rejections gracefully, designing more, submitting more, etc.  I try to keep finding time to sit and spin.  I spoiled myself with a tahkli spindle this fall, as well as a WooLee Winder for my spinning wheel (Christmas gift).

But mostly, over the last month, I have been prepping to re-open my etsy shop.

I shut down my shop when Mouselette was born.  I just did not have the time or energy to keep up with it.  I still don't have the time or the space to keep up with creating spinning batts and handpainted yarn and roving.  But what I have been getting back into lately has been my love of clay.

I've been making polymer clay spindles, crafting knitting needles with fancy little toppers, making stitch markers, carving crochet hooks, and doing all sorts of little things like this while Mouselette eats and/or naps.  So, as of January 15, 2013, Mousewife Knits and Yarnables will be re-opening with a new focus.

Here's a sneak peak:
handwoven project bags.

 bead whorl spindles and spindle bowls.
knitting needles
and even handcarved nalbinding needles.

There will be the occasional bit of roving, batt, or yarn, but it won't be the primary focus of the shop anymore.

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