Monday, January 10, 2011

Vintage styles

I'm at an awkward weight right now where nothing seems to fit me quite right.  I'm at that in-between stage where one size is too small but the next is too big.  As a result, my wardrobe and I tend to not get along from day to day.  A pair of jeans that fits me one day might be too big or too small the next. 

I went shopping about 3 hours before the party.  Really, I was looking for a pair of pants and a top that would fit.  I've discovered that I wouldn't have the problem with my clothes if I shopped at the expensive stores.  My jeans are from The Gap and my top is from Mexx.  Both are out of my budget on a normal day.  But I got these at the second hand shop, so the prices were much more reasonable.  The jeans still had the original tag on them (and were only $15!!) and the top looks and feels like it's been worn maybe once.

On my way out of the store, the dress aisle started whispering my name and making promises of vintage dresses for cheap, cheap prices.  I took a peek and found the dress pictured above.  Beautiful vintage quality dress.  Style is mid 1960's Jackie-O type shift dress.  It fit like a dream.  It accented all the right places and de-emphasized the ones I wanted to hide.  And I got SO MANY compliments on it.  Even though I'm wearing my not-so-flattering orthotic house slippers in the picture, I arrived at the party wearing tall brown boots that came to my knee.  Very gorgeous!

This set my mind to thinking about vintage styles and how nicely they are cut.  This isn't the first vintage dress that I've worn, and I'm always amazed by how flattering the style of the 60s is.  At least, I personally find it flattering.  After buying a second vintage dress online last night (I'm nervous about this, as I've never bought internet clothes before), I've decided that I need to bring it back in knitting.

I have 8 skeins of egyptian cotton yarn that had been earmarked for a sweater.  I've decided to knit a dress instead.  It will be styled similarly to the dress above, but with a rolled collar.  Basic A-line shape.  Knitted belt that will be attached at the back to create a bit of shaping.  Darts at the bust and hips.  Capped sleeves.

I'm very excited about this project.

I won't be starting it until the summer.  I'm finally starting to whittle down my project list, and would like to be halfway through the list before I start adding new project on to it.  My goal is to have the dress ready for Spring 2012.